Telepathic is a Good Frequency of Consciousness

Telepathic Transmission the Frequency of Consciousness

A Telepathic Hello!

Greetings, vibrant beings of high frequency! I hope to find you in fullness on this day. I’m here to transmit a powerful telepathic signal directly to you, my esteemed reader. If you’re contemplating this post, it’s because the energy permeating the universe has guided you here, as you’re aligned with the truths I share.

Have you ever reflected on that sudden invasion of uncomfortable thoughts that sometimes arise out of nowhere? Or the feeling that such thoughts aren’t yours, yet they persist in your mind? That, my dear telepath, is the result of a telepathic attack, whether by an incarnate person or even by a being beyond the veil.

Everything is energy, and energy is all that exists. We are immersed in this “everything.” What we perceive as matter is nothing but densified light, and even our biological bodies are made of this same substance. If everything in matter is densified light, then what are we? We are subtle light. As conscious beings, we are the ethereal force that gives life to all things, shaping the vibration of everything we focus our attention on, thus manifesting in our physical experience.

Often, people speculate about humanity’s potential for telepathy. Some claim we will achieve it one day, while others disagree. However, the truth is that all of us, including animals and even inanimate objects, already communicate telepathically, even if we’re not consciously aware of it.

The Key Lies Within

The key to unlocking this ability lies in consciousness. For everything is available to us, but until we’re conscious of it, it remains beyond our perception. Reality only materializes when someone consciously tunes into a telepathic signal, amplifying their resonance with it.

Telepathic Transmission the Frequency of Consciousness

Everything is alive, everything vibrates. Often, we limit life only to living beings like animals and plants, but the truth is that crystals have life, metals have life, and even ideas – whether for a business, a solution, or an inspiration – have life. Have you ever stopped to think why similar things attract? What we seek also seeks us, with equal intensity, because they have LIFE.

As we internalize these concepts, we begin to operate our reality with more clarity and awareness. No longer victimizing ourselves in the face of circumstances, but assuming a posture of responsibility and even parenthood regarding everything we experience.

Humanity is already in constant telepathic communication, even if unconscious of it. How many times have you thought of someone and, coincidentally, that person called or messaged you? Or wished for pizza and someone at work showed up with a delicious pizza to share? The crux of the matter lies in the connection between our inner desire and the external response, in the consciousness we cultivate of this interaction. We have much to learn about how to effectively direct our potential, and when we do, we will have absolute control over our reality.

Communication Beyond Time

Entities beyond our space and time regularly visit us, transmitting instructions, advice, and solutions through telepathic communication. These entities manifest through inspirations, intuitions, and, on the negative side, through energies of fear, anxiety, and depression.

The key to protecting ourselves from negative telepathic influences is simple. If you love preparing your morning coffee, do it with a special touch of love, very slowly, without any rush. If you enjoy taking a little stroll, do it with a heart full of love, very slowly, savoring each step. If you love having a little snack, do it with lots of love and care, very slowly, enjoying every bite of your food with joy.

Telepathic Transmission the Frequency of Consciousness

By infusing every action with love, we create a pleasant and stable energetic environment, conducive to the growth and well-being of all.

Self-love is the first and most important step in this process. Without it, we cannot truly contribute to the well-being of others. It all starts with us. Our daily habits, our morning routine, our personal care. We are the guardians of our bodies and minds and therefore must act diligently towards them. Even in difficult, neutral, or good times, there is always room for improvement.

Most importantly, discard everything that doesn’t serve us, everything that limits our experience. We all have an inner voice that guides us to abandon certain behaviors or negative habits. This voice is our conscience pointing the way to improvement. It’s a long and challenging journey, but every step we hesitate to take can be the one that takes us further if we have the courage to climb.

I sincerely thank you for staying with me until here, my dear reader. I hope these goltogel have resonated with you in some way. I encourage you to reflect on what made sense and discard what didn’t. This attitude applies not only to reading this text but to all areas of your life.

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