Changes – Facing the of Spiritual Awakening

Changes - Facing the of Spiritual Awakening

Hey there, spiritually attuned folks, all good for a big CHANGE? Today, we’re diving into a fascinating topic that we all encounter on our spiritual awakening journey: the inevitable “slip-ups.”

Embracing Changes

It’s common, on the path of the initiate, for distractions to arise, allowing for the exercise of free will so that this initiate can manifest their true identity in the universe. Nothing is imposed; everything is a matter of free and spontaneous will.

I’m not exactly sure what lies within you, but we all carry a spark of inner light, a dream we long to fulfill, whether it’s becoming a singer, a blogger, an entrepreneur, and so on.

Nurturing the Inner Spark amidst Distractions

This little spark of light, when properly nurtured, clearly illuminates the path to tread, while also preparing us as we walk upon it. However, on this path, there are always distractions so that you have the free right to choose whether to stay on the path or not, whether to continue your journey toward your goal, or to return to the old self in pursuit of momentary pleasure.

Dopamine, when regularly stimulated through social media, drugs, pornography, and countless other things, can diminish our enthusiasm for activities that require effort, such as reading a book or exercising (especially when we’re not used to it yet), and this is a problem. It’s as if our attention is being diverted from what will make our consciousness grow and expand.

Embracing Change on the Path of Initiation

Changes - Facing the of Spiritual Awakening

When we don’t have control over where our dopamine leads us, we also don’t have control over where our lives are going. Sometimes, that’s all that hinders us. Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in a vicious cycle for months, even years, simply because we repeatedly choose to deviate from the path that is meant for us. Every time we entertain a thought that isn’t aligned with our truth, with our well-being and disposition, we’re harming ourselves. Everything is given to us, but we need to walk the path that is laid out for us. Nothing truly grand is delivered negligently or easily. There’s a price to pay for everything we aspire to, and most of the time, we know what we need to let go of to continue our journey.

But then, why don’t we let go? Sometimes, we already know what we need to release, but when we’re put to the test to choose differently, we end up making the same mistake of acting in the old way. There’s a simple way to answer this question: it all comes down to identification. How identified are you with your higher self? With your ideals? With your dreams? The degree of identification determines how aligned our attitudes are with these values. If, for some reason, you’re more identified with your past, your old way of thinking, acting, and being, you’ll continue making decisions in the same way you always have. Sometimes, a radical change of environment is enough to provoke an internal change, but not always.

Answering the Call

True change comes from understanding, from a Calling. At some point in our lives, we’re called to respond to this Calling – to live in love and joy. However, if we postpone this response with procrastination and resistance to change, over time, the call fades away and we forget about it, which can greatly hinder our enthusiasm to traverse the difficult path of inner renewal.

For a significant change, we need a significant motive – something that transcends our current state and benefits not only ourselves but also others, and sometimes even humanity as a whole.

The best way to reconnect with this calling is undoubtedly to look within, disconnecting from the external world, even if it’s just for 10 minutes of deep meditation.

Reducing our exposure to social media and the internet in general is crucial because when we stop receiving external stimuli, we begin to perceive the internal stimuli. From there, all we need to do is keep our intention alive, refusing to succumb to the impulses of returning to old habits.

The Gateway to Unveiling Potential

Change only happens when we accept that it’s necessary to move to the next goltogel. Sometimes, this understanding comes months after the call, other times, it takes years.

We must face the pain of change because without it, we’ll face, later on, an even greater pain – the pain of regret, the anguish of thinking about what we could have done and didn’t. This second pain is infinitely worse than the first.

I know it’s difficult; I’m also in this process; it’s an eternal journey. There are no limits to self-improvement, no limits to the SELF, no limits to what we can be. The only limit is the one we impose on ourselves to not follow the path presented to us to achieve what we desire. It all comes down to BEING, but I’ll talk more about that in a future post!

Changes - Facing the of Spiritual Awakening

If this message has reached you, it’s because there’s something inside you clamoring for attention – some dream that needs to be nurtured in your heart. And last but not least, if this message has reached you, it’s because your calling is still standing, waiting to be answered.

Thank you very much for following along until here. For more reflections and insights, check out related posts at Stack over Full. Until next time, dear souls! Ayehua!

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