Consciousness – In a Good Human Experience [2024]

Consciousness - In Human Experience

Greetings, clean consciousness!

Today, I am here to discuss a fundamental pillar of our temporary human journey, which is the development of consciousness. Much is said about this matter, but have you ever paused to reflect on what it truly means? Follow along with this reading to gain powerful insights!

Consciousness - In Human Experience

The development of consciousness should be the central nucleus of our lives, as it is from it that everything else unfolds. Our preferences, our habits, our careers, our relationships. Consciousness is the epicenter of our experience, as it is through it that we perceive reality. Our reality is shaped by what we are capable of discerning from it. If our point of perception, our consciousness, is misaligned or not calibrated, we run the risk of misinterpreting facts and making misguided decisions based on distorted perceptions, resulting in unsatisfactory experiences. Therefore, the importance of consciousness development is unquestionable. But how can we do this? Discover below the ideal path to begin.

The Path

Since birth, we are conditioned by those who came before us on this planet, our first conditioners, mostly being our parents. From a young age, we absorb an immense amount from the environment around us, through what we can perceive. For example, if we grow up in an environment permeated by arguments and conflicts, we absorb the adrenaline from these situations, which can lead to developing behavioral patterns that reflect this reality. This early learning can make us believe that the world is inherently hostile, leading us to react defensively from an early age, often resulting in premature aggression.

This is just one example among countless situations that can occur during our phase of vulnerability to consciousness, such as in childhood, and affect us in various ways throughout life, until we become aware of it.

The first step in consciousness development is not necessarily learning something new, but rather unlearning ingrained concepts. We need to unlearn living from the outside in, in constant reactivity, and start living from the inside out, consciously and proactively.

We live in a world that values external attention (the mundane world, immersed in the matrix). The matrix is a box of beliefs and behaviors that have been instilled in us over time, becoming so natural that we hardly realize there are other ways to live. The script to which most people submit perpetuates this matrix, which is now collapsing at an alarming rate as people begin to reflect on their own experience and question what truly benefits them instead of blindly following what is imposed by society. This awakening is the starting point for any internal evolution.

Consciousness - In Human Experience

So, how do we start unlearning all of this?

The first step is breathing. Changing the way we breathe alters the functioning of our internal cycles.

In everyday life, we are often immersed in the pulitoto and bustle of the mundane world. Unconsciously following a script, waking up, working, with no time to rest, eating hastily, rushing from one commitment to another. In this lifestyle, stress is constant, and with time, weariness becomes evident. We are constantly worried about being on time, completing tasks, meeting deadlines. But where are we rushing to exactly? The answer should be work or our obligations, but this mindset extends to all areas of our lives. We rush to eat, to dress, to do this or that, with our minds always focused on the future, neglecting the present and the precious experiences it offers.

It’s time to slow down!

When we start paying more attention to our breathing, we realize that we don’t need to race against time, as time is relative. We can indeed experience a richer inner world and a healthier routine without unnecessarily exhausting ourselves.

We live in a world of choices, and what we don’t choose will be chosen for us. Therefore, before deciding how we will face the day, what we will eat, or what we will worry about, we must establish a solid foundation by turning our attention to our breath. Short sessions of just 5 minutes of watitoto a day can help us disconnect from the external world and reconnect with our inner selves, the true core of our power.

Consciousness - In Human Experience

As we conclude our discussion on consciousness and its role in fostering a fulfilling human experience, I hope the insights shared here have been both inspiring and enlightening for you. Remember, the path to inner growth is ongoing. If you’re eager to explore further insights and discoveries, I encourage you to delve into my other posts, where I delve into a variety of topics related to personal growth and expanding consciousness. Thank you for your companionship on this journey, and may your path be filled with continued self-discovery and growth.
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