Enthusiasm Unleashed is The Power to Resurrect Dreams

Enthusiasm Unleashed is The Power to Resurrect Dreams

Dear devoted reader on the spiritual journey, how is your earthly path today? Have you hydrated yourself? Savored a revitalizing snack, perhaps? I sincerely hope so, for the reading that follows deserves to be fully appreciated, with all your basic needs met. Only then can you absorb every detail of what is written here!

Today, we will delve into the art of breathing life into an old dream, resurrecting it with a new and invigorating enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the purest and most vigorous force we can emit, an energy capable of animating even what seems lifeless. Do you grasp the magnitude of this power?


Returning to Inner Childhood Enthusiasm

Children, at their core, are beings of unmatched strength, for they have not yet been shackled by self-imposed limitations. When I speak of “returning to childhood,” I do not mean a regression into immaturity, inconvenience, or childishness. I am speaking of the quest for essence, the same brilliant light that resides within each of us.

Enthusiasm Unleashed is The Power to Resurrect Dreams

Everything around us takes shape as we direct our attention towards something. It is our attention that breathes life into the lifeless, whether it be a personal or professional aspiration, a dormant passion, or an idea yet to bloom.

Within us lies the ability to envision entire worlds. Yet, as we mature over the years, we tend to become overly fixated on the material world, the tangible, relegating our inner light to the background. This is the erasure of our true essence, the disconnection from the inner world that so defines us.

Claiming Our Inner Reality

The time has come to acknowledge our inner world as the true reality. It is time to live in harmony with our essence, as we did when we were children, before the world’s conventions molded us.

The enthusiasm we seek does not stem from this tangible world, but from the subtle, ethereal realm to which we belong. And what energy could be nobler and more potent than that driven by our enthusiasm? This is the true expression of love.

As we open ourselves to express more love for ourselves, investing the best of us in pursuit of our dreams, enthusiasm naturally begins to pulse through our veins. It grows in intensity, aligned with our discipline and consistency as we climb the steps of the ladder towards realization, as I have mentioned in another article here!

However, a necessary caution is that this is not about indiscriminately surrendering to anyone or anything. You should not and do not need to expose your soul to those who do not deserve it, for there are individuals in this earthly plane who lack the integrity to access the depths of your being. This is not arrogance; it is self-preservation. We must shield ourselves from negative external influences, even if they occasionally manifest through people.

The Enthusiasm Path to Reconnecting with Past Dreams

To reconnect with an old dream, one must access it with the power of imagination. Even if for brief 17 seconds, disconnect from the external world and allow yourself to bask in the light. There is no need to dwell in the shadows most of the time. The material reality is but the shadowy reflection of each of our internal worlds. If we desire changes on the outside, we must begin this transformation at our core, to then reflect, in the shadow (the material reality), the desired outcome. It may seem simple, yet for those immersed in the whirlwind of the world, in the matrix of conventional society, this may seem challenging. But it is still entirely possible.

Methods of Manifesting Realities

Enthusiasm Unleashed is The Power to Resurrect Dreams

Abraham Hicks and the Mighty 17 Seconds Abraham Hicks, renowned for his theories on the “Law of Attraction,” introduced a simple yet powerful practice known as the “17 magical seconds.” The idea behind this technique is that by maintaining a positive, focused, and emotion-filled thought for just 17 consecutive seconds, you initiate a process of energetic creation. Hicks explains that in these brief moments of intense concentration, you begin to attract similar thoughts, raising your vibration and aligning with desired circumstances. This is just the beginning, for if you can extend this sequence to 68 seconds, according to Hicks, you are on the path to real and tangible manifestation.

Joseph Murphy and the Power of the Subconscious Joseph Murphy, in his revolutionary approach, places the subconscious as the great architect of our reality. His manifestation methods focus on reprogramming these deeper layers of the mind. One of his most powerful techniques is the use of positive affirmations. By repeating phrases that affirm your desires, you gradually replace limiting beliefs with more constructive thoughts. The key, according to Murphy, is to immerse yourself in the feeling and conviction that what you desire is already a potential reality.

Seth and the Exploration of States of Consciousness Seth, through Jane Roberts, presents an intriguing view on manifestation. His approach highlights the multidimensional nature of reality and the importance of connecting with our deepest essence. One of his techniques involves exploring different states of consciousness through meditation and creative visualization. By tapping into your own creative source, you can begin to shape reality according to your most intimate desires.

Unifying the Elements of the Techniques

Although different in their approaches, these methods share essential aspects. They all emphasize the importance of mental and emotional clarity when visualizing your desires. Emotional intensity, combined with unwavering belief in realization, is seen as the driving force behind manifestation. Additionally, practicing gratitude for what is already present in your life is considered a powerful anchor to attract more abundance. Ultimately, whether through Hicks’ 17 magical seconds, Murphy’s transformative affirmations, or Seth’s exploration of consciousness states, authenticity, consistency, and faith are the fundamental pillars for consciously creating a new danatoto. Experience and discover the magic that is within your reach.


So, dear reader, rise to the challenge of reviving your old dreams with a new fervor. Allow yourself to rediscover the inner child, the one who knows the true power of imagination and passion. And thus, with enthusiasm and love as your guides, witness the magic of life unfold before you. Check our other posts here, at Stack Over Full!

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